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Water Projects for Communities without Access to Safe Water


A Crisis:

2.1 million children die every year, largely due to lack of water and water-borne disease*

The lack of safe, clean water affects everyone. Drought and increased agricultural demand for water is steering India towards a crisis, especially in communities that are dependent on contaminated surface water or unreliable groundwater from shallow wells. The absence of viable water-sources are killing the children and the frail. 

One well can provide clean water for an entire village.  Your contribution, no matter how small, can help save a life, when combined with someone else's gift. 

You can participate in this life saving outreach in the following ways: 

$4,800 provides one well for a village community
$777 provides water for 100 people
$388 provides water for 50 people
$194 provides water for 25 people
$39 provides water for 5 people
$7.77 can save one life by providing clean water for one person

Start your own fundraising campaign with SOS!  We aim to connect individuals and groups in America to respond to the needs of hungry, thirsty, and enslaved children around the world.

Partcipate in an existing campaign or set up your own campaign

Contact a representative at 817-898-0262 to learn more about how you can become a CHAMPION!

For under $10, you can help give water to one person.  And if you sign up today for a monthly donation, you can help someone new every month for as long as your donation is active.