Sower of Seeds


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Feeding - Combating Malnutrition and Hunger

SOS has built a food factory in an area where 42% of the world’s malnourished children live. We've created a solution to completely intervene in the lives of malnourished kids. For only $.20 per serving, you can give complete nutrition and save a child’s life. 

This factory has the capacity to produce and distribute enough food for 100,000 children a day. In the lives of at-risk children, food changes everything. Will you give food?

We have capacity, scope and a solution. All we need is you.  

We need your help to get this food into the hands of the children who need it most:

$50 per month feeds 12 children on an ongoing basis

$100 per month feeds 24 children on an ongoing basis

$200 per month feeds 48 children on an ongoing basis

Please join us as we respond to this great need. We have an opportunity to make a great difference.