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Water Projects

Globally, 1.2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water; a large percentage of that number is children.


We at SOS believe access to safe drinking water is not a commodity, but a necessary building block for an at risk child. Until clean water is secured in the world of an at risk child, nothing else is secure.

Every year, water sources dry up for many communities. While you and I know the benefits of hydration and cleanliness, for the world’s poorest, the quest for water is a daily battle.  Droughts, dry seasons, political insecurity and social oppression are just a few of the stories we regularly hear as requests are made for water wells. 


Do you know that on any given day we have a longer list of water wells requested, communities without any adequate source of clean water, than we could hope to fill? 


Every year we are forced to assess the most acute need and determine which wells we can fund.  With your help we can provide water for more people this year.


Water Aid is a direct, life-saving intervention.



we believe every child matters