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Community Development

Why Community Development - 

“Process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” –U.N.

Because when communities are underdeveloped, children are at-risk. 


Ava* was an at-risk child living in an under-developed community. When we met Ava, she was 6-years-old and the issue we were addressing in her community was the lack of clean water. Through providing clean water and building relationships  we began to see the other issues in her under-developed community. Ava and all of her friends were  incredibly malnourished. The literacy rate in her community was terrifyingly low and her parents were  having a hard time holding jobs. Children in Ava’s community were not attending school and without community development, Ava was going to face the same struggles her family has faced for generations.   


We began to develop Ava’s community through a partnership with a local care network and today it looks completely different. Ava and her friends were the first generation in her community to go to college, some of them going on to earn master’s degrees. Every child in Ava’s community is now attending school. Every family has enough food to eat and close access to safe clean drinking water. Through community development, Ava went from being an at-risk child with little hope, to be a contributing member of her thriving community. 


Why are we passionate about community development? Because developing communities helps secure at-risk children and transform their lives. 

How we Develop Communities –

Through worldwide partnerships with local care networks, we develop local solutions to local problems. From eradicating illiteracy in communities all over the world to human trafficking prevention, providing basic needs like food and water and mentorship programs,we help meet the needs that make children at-risk. 

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You can help develop communities! 

we believe every child matters