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Why Education – 


124 million children around the world remain unschooled.


Lack of early childhood education attributes to many difficulties later in life.  Globally public schools are free to attend. However, many children get left out of the system. Girls are affected the most, with 52% of the world’s unschooled children being female. 


Satri* was one of those 124 million. Born to a single mom in an impoverished community, Satri had no shot at an education. Satri joined our Pre-K school at the age of 4, becoming the first in her family to learn to read and write. Now, at the age of 11, she speaks three languages, makes good grades and wants to become a doctor. 


Prem*is one of those 124 million. Born into an impoverished community, Prem’s family must focus on meeting their most basic needs of food and water. His father and mother are not educated and work as day labors, often leaving Prem in the care of other relatives. With their every effort focused on survival, education seems to be a far off dream for Prem. 


Why do we educate? Because we believe education is a powerful tool. Education is an integral step in securing an at-risk child’s future and has the power to stop the poverty cycle and change the course of nations. 


*Name changed to protect minor. 


How we educate –


By working with local care networks, we develop effective solutions that eradicate illiteracy in communities all over the globe. The struggles around education are unique to each community, which is why we work with local people to develop custom education solutions for their children.


We take a holistic approach to education. The tie between education and health is not always an obvious one, but is vitally important for a child’s success. All of our students are provided with daily nutritious meals and regular medical check-ups. 


Find out what makes our education approach unique.

You can help educate at-risk children! 

we believe every child matters