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Hidden Poverty in North Texas

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Ethan wakes up in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar sounds. His family moves around from motel to motel, sometimes nightly, because it’s hard for his mother to make rent. He looks for something to eat for breakfast. Dry toast again. Hopefully it’ll help quiet his growling stomach. There is never enough food around these days.

He puts on the same clothes he wears every day. He only has one set, and though they are torn and smelly, he can’t go to school shirtless. The other kids make fun of him, but Ethan has no other option. He slips the stinky shirt over his tiny 7-year-old shoulders and heads for the bus. 

Ethan wants to be a good student, but finds it hard to concentrate and not nod off to sleep. The toast has worn off, and his stomach starts to rumble again. When he walks the halls between classes, he is self-conscious. Ethan feels shame, anger, and insecurity all at the same time.

During lunch, Ethan’s teacher walks over with a fresh pair of clothes. She asks him to change so she can wash his. The clothes are two sizes too big, but Ethan doesn’t mind. She also hands him a hygiene kit. Toothpaste, shampoo, a small box of detergent so he can wash his clothes at home. Ethan smiles as he hugs the kit, excited to go home and show his mom.

Sadly, Ethan is not the only child who has to face this reality in the DFW area. Every day teachers take on the burden of helping meet their student’s basic needs. Our Loads of Hope (LOH) program sees these teachers and wants to partner with them, but we need your help. 

Dispersing basic needs items, such as hygiene kits, food, and school supplies to non-profits all across North Texas, LOH is helping teachers and students focus on education. Because of our partnerships, for every $1 donated, we are able to supply $40 worth of hygiene supplies to kids. Will you help us provide for these children so they are free to be kids again? 

Visit give.sosresponds.org/loadsofhope to learn more.

we believe every child matters