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Meet Rena

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Rena follows her mother to a swamp on the outskirts of the village. It is dark and hard to see, as the sun starts to barely creep over the horizon. 10-year-old Rena should be waking up for school soon. Instead she is here with her mother gathering the daily water. School isn’t a reality for Rena. Survival, not education, is the focus of her childhood.

Rena pulls a small cloth out and places it over the opening of her jug. She spoons murky water out of the swamp and pours it into the jug through the dirty cloth. Mud and large bugs roll off the sides as Rena’s jug fills to the brim.

She stands tall as her mother places the heavy pot on her head. She can feel the pressure of it weighing down on her little body as she prepares herself for the long walk home.

With each step on the rocky path, the weight of the water grows. She follows behind her mother who carries three jugs on her own head and one in her arm. Rena wonders how she will ever be able to manage so many jugs. Seeing her future, she wonders how she will bear the weight of it.

Rena will be lucky to make it to her mother’s age. Waterborne illness has already taken many children her age in the village, and every day that Rena uses this water, her chances of lethal illness increase.

Rena needs help. She needs a water well that pumps clean, safe water to drink. She needs it close to her house, so she doesn’t have to spend her time hauling jugs and is able to attend school. And she needs it now.

We want to help Rena, but we cant do it alone. Will you partner with us to provide a well for Rena and other communities like hers? A 10-year-old should not have to worry about water.

To help give Rena access to clean, safe water please visit give.sosresponds.org/water.

we believe every child matters