How Culture Impacts Your Worldview

worldview and culture

Written By: Christie A. Culture is a diverse and beautiful thing where people, systems, beliefs, traditions, language, food, politics, and education meld together.  Working cross-culturally we see the strengths and […]

Human Rights and Basic Needs

Human Rights and Basic Needs

Written By: Lindsay H. and Hannah W. Having basic needs met is a core tenet of Human Rights. While there are many different facets to basic needs, the most fundamental basic […]

Human Rights and Human Trafficking

Written By: Christie A. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was enacted by the UN and serves as a rallying point for Governments, Civic Organizations, Foundations, Philanthropists, Universities and the general public […]

What Are Human Rights?

What Are Human Rights

Written By: Lindsay H. Regardless of the things that make us different such as ethnicity or gender, human rights are given freely to every person. The complexity of this topic does […]