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Unique Solutions | Community Development

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When communities are underdeveloped, children are at-risk  We've seen that communities are built and strengthened through engaged citizens who are passionate about helping at-risk children in their communities. A few things that make our approach unique:

1. We don't go it alone, we see the value in networking together communities all over the world?

2. We think that healthy relationships  are key and they will always be the benchmark of how we develop communities.

3. We focus on principles that transform communities, because we recognize that some ideology won't translate into other cultures. Principles must work in every cultural context for them to be a principal.  

4. Our standards of care for children are at the core of our community development projects.

5. We believe that all were created in God's image and as such every life has value and purpose.

6. A solution isn't really a solution until its available to help everyone within a community

Community Development is one of the four areas we focus on because we believe that they are all directly related and meeting needs in each area is absolutely critical to securing a child’s future.  


Through partnering with local people we can develop effective solutions that can literally eradicate illiteracy.  When you partner with us to educate children, not only do you equip them for their future, but you also plug them into a local care network where they can receive holistic care and you help them transition down the pathway from vulnerability to greater places of security.  That’s a lot of impact for such a small amount of money. 

Your donations to education are being strategically used to bring about real solutions for communities in need!

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we believe every child matters