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Unique Solutions | Education

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We all know that education is essential to a secure future. For each community and culture the struggles around education and the gaps in services are unique. Our aim is to do everything we can to see vulnerable children equipped with education as a tool for their future. Through leveraging our consistent methodology of grassroots, innovative solutions carried out through the strength of Local Care Networks, we are able to consistently bring effective education resources in a variety of scenarios.  A few things that make our approach unique:

  1. We bring education resources to communities that are illiterate. we operate pre-primary schools that empower the first generation in a families lineage to qualify for free education by being able to pass a test showing that they know how to read and write. 
  2. We work with a lot of orphaned and abandoned children, as well as children in red light safe houses and rescue programs.  Through providing custom tailored accelerated education programs we can help children overcome huge obstacles and be ready for their future. 
  3. We work to lighten the load for single-parent households in impoverished areas we help with after school programs; preschool programs for single moms who can’t afford childcare. 
  4. We are actively educating around health and nutrition across all of our programs because it is a vital component of equipping a child for a healthy life. Communities that lack a strong education system also lack the foundation of health and wellness. Whether its basic sanitation like washing your hands before a meal all the way to the macro and micronutrients necessary for a child to grow, we seek to empower holistic education and wellness. 


Education is one of the four areas we focus on because we believe that they are all directly related and meeting needs in each area is absolutely critical to securing a child’s future.  


Through partnering with local people we can develop effective solutions that can literally eradicate illiteracy.  When you partner with us to educate children, not only do you equip them for their future, but you also plug them into a local care network where they can receive holistic care and you help them transition down the pathway from vulnerability to greater places of security.  That’s a lot of impact for such a small amount of money. 

Your donations to education are being strategically used to bring about real solutions for communities in need!

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we believe every child matters