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Unique Solutions | Feeding

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What make our approach to feeding unique: 

We understand that hunger and food insecurity look different in different places. Through leveraging our consistent methodology of grassroots, innovative solutions carried out through the strength of Local Care Networks, we are able to consistently develop real solutions to hunger in a variety of scenarios.  A few of our approaches include:


  1. We created a custom food to fight malnutrition.  Working together we a retired USAID food formulator and a global team of doctors and nutritionists we’ve developed a custom-blended solution to address malnutrition in children ages 3-6.  –and its working. We are seeing huge progress in eliminating stunting, wasting and the effects of malnutrition in these young children!
  2. We built a food factory in a region that gives us access to 2/3 of the world’s starving children. 
  3. We operate mid-day meal programs, providing hot nutritious meals as part of the school day for children in developing nations. After all, we all know, hungry children cannot learn.
  4. We develop relationships with large companies who have excess food products they want to give away. We use these foods in compassionate feeding programs and we can ship pallets of goods into areas of disaster and desperate feeding need.
  5. We do emergency feeding. These programs are less “long-term strategic” and more what can we do todayright nowto save the most livesin the wake of this emergency or disaster. 


Through partnering with local people we can develop effective solutions that can literally eradicate malnutrition and save millions.  When you partner with us to feed children, not only do you fill their tummies, but you also plug them into a local care network where they can receive holistic care and you help them transition down the pathway from vulnerability to greater places of security.  That’s a lot of impact for such a small amount of money. 

Your donations to feeding are being strategically used to bring about real solutions for communities in need!

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