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Trafficking is a global phenomenon that is not constrained to one location or peoples.  Trafficking is fueled by the illegal coercion, entrapment and movement of people and it is organized crime.  Crime of this vicious nature required a multi-faceted response that brings hope and healing to victims.  Through leveraging our consistent methodology of grassroots, innovative solutions carried out through the strength of Local Care Networks, we are able to consistently bring hope to trafficking victims in a variety of scenarios. A few things that make our approach unique:


  1. We empower men and women of faith and conviction to step into darkness and bring hope.  We don’t just expect girls to come out of darkness; we go into the darkness to reach them where they are.  We consistently conduct outreaches and build relationship with trafficking victims and vulnerable people groups as we work to bring freedom.

2. We believe prevention is better than rehabilitation. Trafficking prevention is more than just talking about the issue. It is actively working to secure a child's future. Which is why we feed, educate, give water to and fight for at-risk children all over the globe. We believe the best kind of rescue happens before a child is sold.

3. We rescue children in danger as quickly as possible.  We have teams of first responders that jump into action to search for children and a proven process for how to rescue them and bring them to a place of safety.

4. We believe the best approach to helping women that have been trapped for years and years, is one of building relationship; where she gets to choose to come out of a red light district into freedom as she trusts us and is ready to hope again.  Because most of these women have spent years in captivity until their will is broken, the most empowering step they can take on the journey of rehabilitation is choosing it for themselves.

5. We rescue and rehabilitate, we take women and all of their children and commit to walk with them in the context of community and support for as long as it takes for her to get up on her feet.

6. We equip women with marketable skills and education as part of the rehabilitation process. Our goal for these women is that they would be equipped with everything they need to walk out a future of freedom.

7. We help children born into red light districts through education, feeding programs, safe places to sleep at night and intervention.  If a girl is born into a red light district there is a 95% chance she will die in a red light district.  We aim to break the cycle of slavery and to bring hope to children of the red light districts before they are abused.


Through partnering with local people we can develop effective solutions that can literally prevent trafficking and rescue and rehabilitate victims.  When you partner with us to rescue, not only do you save a life, but you also plug them into a local care network where they can receive holistic care and you help them transition down the pathway from vulnerability to greater places of security. That’s a lot of impact for such a small amount of money. 

Your donations to rescue are being strategically used to bring about real solutions for communities in need!

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