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Unique Solutions | Water

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At SOS, we bring unique solutions to the problems that at-risk children face. But what does a unique solution look like? Here are a few things that make our approach unique when it comes to providing clean water solutions:


  1. Free Access to All: In many third world nations, water equals power and access to water is wielded to oppress peoples. When you drill a well with us we ensure fair and free access for all people regardless of race, gender, religion or social status.  We believe that every child should have access to clean safe water.
  2. Partnership with Local Care Networks: We believe that water is an important component of strengthening and building communities. When you drill a well with us, you also partner with a local care network in the community where that well is drilled and the water you provide becomes part of a larger community development solution.
  3. Trafficking Prevention: We see water as an important component of preventing trafficking. In many of the communities we work in, children are exposed to dangerous external threats and traffickers. By providing close access to water, you reduce a child’s risk of being trafficked.
  4. Emergency Water Aid: We provide Water Aid in emergency situations around the world. We send tankers of water, shipments of water and step into emergency situations to bring immediate relief and save lives. This year alone we’ve helped hundreds of thousands in water crisis.



By providing unique solutions, we ensure that communities are receiving the best solution for their unique needs. Unique solutions also help to tackle multiple issues at once, further helping to strengthen and protect each community.

Your donations to water are being strategically used to bring about real solutions for communities in need!

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