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Volunteers Needed: Evening of Hope: Vision of Hope

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It’s time for Evening of Hope: Vision of Hope! We are so excited to be celebrating our 11th year of hosting an evening that is dedicated to saving and bringing restoration to so many girls who are trapped in slavery.

There are 40 million slaves in the world today. One in four of those are children.

Every year, we host a fundraiser to share the vision and hope of SOS. We are dedicated to prevent and confront slavery by educating and empowering our community to take action in providing these women and children a better future. That is where YOU come in! We know we can't rescue girls without our amazing volunteers. You are not only the key to this evening being a success, but you are lifting and bringing freedom to victims of human trafficking.

Join us Friday, April 17th for Evening of Hope: Vision of Hope in North Fort Worth. As volunteers you’ll have the privilege to help greet guests as they arrive, assist with our raffle area, engage guests with one of our interactive games and so much more! Have fun and help end human trafficking!


Sign Up Today and be part of the rescue and rehabiliation to so many in need!
we believe every child matters