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Water is Life

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I have two small children who have quickly caught on to the fact that no matter what time of day it is, if they ask me for water, I cannot say no; this is especially exploited at bedtime. As someone who has trekked into communities without water and looked in the eyes of children who are suffering the effects of not having water, I have a value for water and a dislike for telling thirsty people no.

In my work for SOS not only have I trekked into villages to see water need and fulfillment, but I am part of the team who helps direct our water well projects: authorizing drilling, monitoring and reporting on fulfillment, receiving desperate requests for water, and getting to say “yes” to water aid. The job has its highs and its lows. There is nothing more exciting than saying “yes” and nothing more heartbreaking than reaching the end of what we can fulfill and knowing that we must say “no” or “we have to wait”—and knowing that lives are impacted by the weight of those words.

As a team, we are developing innovative solutions to meet community water needs. Every community is different and we must be strategic and innovative in our solutions. Sometimes the solution is a simple ground well, other times it is trucking in water tankers.

In January of this year we implemented a water filtration solution for a slum community at sea level. This pilot project is the first of its kind and is transforming this slum community. Through the drilling of a well, the installation of a huge submersible electric pump, an enormous filtration unit, storage tanks, and good old gravity we can take water that is very dirty and filter it to be completely clean. Not only can we provide multiple taps for water distribution within the community, but now we can provide both potable (for drinking) and non-potable (for washing/cleaning) water for this community of over 2,000 people. This solution is not only providing water every day, but it is bringing healing to a community that suffered the effects of water borne disease for too long.

Together we can meet huge water needs, develop innovative local solutions, and truly impact the lives of tens of thousands of people every year.

It is the start of the hot season in much of Asia. Temperatures are rising by the day and water sources are being depleted. Every day we are receiving requests for more wells and hearing from more communities with no water. Would you join in saying yes to provide water for desperate communities? Together we can make a huge impact and save many lives.

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