Local Care Networks

Delivering grassroots community development that provides solutions for at-risk children.

SOS partners with communities and their Local Care Networks to address the most critical needs of at-risk children.

We believe local men and women are best at solving local problems. 

We partner with Local Care Networks on the ground to assess locally available resources and execute solutions that bring about lasting, sustainable change for communities.

Partnerships That Produce Holistic Solutions

Through Local Care Networks that extend all over the globe, we deliver grassroots community development programs that provide sustainable, holistic care solutions for at-risk children.

Since each community’s needs are different, no two programs look exactly alike. We develop programs that can be sustained and multiplied within each community’s cultural context.

Strategic Partnerships With Local Care Networks

In collaboration with well-respected Local Care Networks, we employ a strategic methodology that allows us to walk into a community and quickly identify two things:

  1. What are the forces putting children at risk?
  2. In what order should these risk factors be addressed?


By prioritizing the most critical needs, we empower Local Care Networks to establish a foundation of care and well-being for children.

Next, we work together to innovate grassroots solutions to build local structures that prepare children to grow into thriving adults.