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Project Red Light Rescue - Rescuing Victims of Human Trafficking

The project works to prevent child sex trafficking and to rescue and rehabilitate trafficking victims after the rescue. This initiative provides for each girl's needs, provides care for children of women trafficked into the sex trade and rescues children before they can be trafficked. We do not merely hope to temporarily relieve the suffering of women and children, but to help put an end to this form of slavery.  By becoming involved, you can combat human trafficking and have tangible and lasting impact on the lives of victims. 

What you can do:

$ 1,800 rescues and provides one year of care for a girl
$ 900 rescues and provides for 6 months of care
$ 450 rescues and supports a girl for 3 months
$ 150 supports a rescued girl for one month
If you can’t give $150 please consider giving $75 to combine with another's gift to rescue a woman or young girl from this injustice.

or take a pledge to end this horrible form of slavery...