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We believe every child is important

Our strategy for helping children starts with identifying factors that place children at risk.

With over 20 years of community development experience, we utilize a strategic pathway to identify factors that make children vulnerable. Utilizing this pathway, we can walk into any community, anywhere in the world and quickly identify 2 things:
1.    What’s putting kids at risk in that community?
2.    The order that the risk factors should be addressed in.

Our pathway methodology provides effective solutions that have a tremendous success rate because it helps us prioritize the most critical needs. The results, securing at-risk children within communities around the world.  Our approach centers around 5 core areas that create vulnerability within children and are listed in the order of urgency.



Food and water are necessities, yet millions of children around the world go without. Globally 1.2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 815 million people will go to bed hungry tonight. This is a huge number of people who lack the necessities for life. A huge percentage of that number are children. We believe that food and water are necessary building blocks for an at-risk child. Until these are secure, nothing else in their world is secure. A hungry or thirsty child cannot learn and is one of the most vulnerable and likely targets for traffickers to prey upon.

02. Dangerous External Threats

Dangerous External Threats

There are countless dangerous external threats affecting vulnerable children, from traffickers to natural disasters these threats undermine a child’s future. A child is especially vulnerable when they are without parents. Worldwide there are 140 million orphaned children and last year in the US 670,000 children spent time in foster care. We believe that children should feel secure and loved and we are empowering local care networks around the world to help provide safety and security for at-risk children.

03. Illiteracy


Today there are 124 million children who can’t go to school. Without a foundation of reading and writing that child’s ability to build a successful future is impeded. We believe that education gives children the tools to fight poverty and prevent disease. Find out more about how we can empower education in vulnerable communities.



Isolation is a less obvious step on the pathway, however without the presence of healthy relationships and community around a child that child is isolated and will never reach their full potential. We believe that the intentional building of relationships helps to restore the well-being of a child. Find out more about how we build healthy relationships to transition a child out of isolation into a brighter future.

05. Under-Developed Communities

Under-Developed Communities

Under-developed communities do not have enough of the critical resources necessary for a child to grow and develop, trapping people in poverty without a hope for a better future. We believe that when you develop a community you bring hope and security to the children of that community.

You can make a difference in the lives of at-risk children locally and around the world