We believe every child matters.

SOS develops sustainable solutions to the problems that at-risk children face every day.

In response to the cries of children around the world, we call global communities to rally together around solutions that work.

Our History

In 2000, Dwayne and Leslie Weehunt founded SOS International.

Their vision: to respond and meet the needs of at-risk children in communities around the world. 

For decades, SOS has developed and implemented solutions that help secure and protect at-risk children.

We focus on four key areas that have the greatest potential for impacting children’s lives: food, water, rescue and community development.

Every Child Matters

We believe that every cry of an at-risk child is worthy of hearing and responding to.

The first five years of a child’s life form the foundation of their future. Meeting their basic needs during these vulnerable years improves their likelihood of reaching adulthood.

The SOS approach provides a pathway that secures their future and drastically improves their life prospects.

Our Team

Dwayne W. – CEO and Founder

Mark M. – CFO

Leslie W. – Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer

Christie A. – Director of Operations

Elisha T. – Director of Community Outreach

Victor D. – Director of Donor Development

Hannah W. – Director of Marketing & Communications

Janie W. – Community Outreach Coordinator 

Noah W. – Community Outreach Associate 

Braxton O. – Warehouse Manager

Jaden P. – Warehouse Associate

Omari M. – Warehouse Associate 

Jennifer W. – Red Light Rescue Chair 

Janice S. – Executive Assistant

Andrea M. – Business Administration & HR

Ellen D. – Donor Relations Coordinator 

Christina P. – Marketing Coordinator 

Javier P. Marketing Coordinator