Standards of Care

Our Commitment to Holistic, Effective, Innovative Solutions

Across our projects, we commit to these standards of care.


Holistic Solutions in Partnership with Local Care

SOS implements every project in full partnership with a trustworthy network of local leaders and community members. This allows us to deliver the best possible care to at-risk children while leveraging holistic solutions at the community level. Simply stated, we don’t “go it alone.”

Local Solutions for Effective, Grassroot Impact

We source locally. We purchase supplies as close to the point of distribution as we can. This boosts local economies and puts our funds to work for the largest possible impact.

We make local partners the hero. We empower Local Care Networks with effective solutions and practical ways to impact their communities.



SOS is committed to developing innovative, relevant and effective solutions that bring about true change for vulnerable children. At-risk children face the same problems today as they did 10 or even 25 years ago. But the landscape of available solutions is constantly changing. 

Our innovations include:

  • Water filtration systems for urban slum communities
  • A proprietary food product that combats malnutrition in children ages 3–6
  • Transformative rehabilitation programs for trafficking victims

Accountability and Transparency

We commit to transparency and honesty in our projects and finances to help at-risk children around the world. We undergo a voluntary, annual independent audit. We also hold ECFA accreditation, Gold GuideStar accreditation status and four stars on Charity Navigator. Our donors receive timely, accurate information about project implementation and the impact of donations.


Protection for At-Risk Children

We protect the identity and dignity of the at-risk children we serve. To support holistic and sustainable child protection, we serve children through Local Care Networks instead of promoting one-to-one child sponsorships. We change minors’ names in published stories but don’t alter the facts or images. Our photos are real and authentic.

Our projects ensure fair and free access for all regardless of race, gender, religion, orientation, ethnicity or social class.