Ways to Give

Explore creative ways to maximize the impact of your giving.

Rise Up as a Responder

Sign up to make monthly recurring donations.

Responders give monthly to provide for the ongoing care of at-risk children and ensure the protection of the most vulnerable people in communities all around the world.

Become a Community Builder

Contribute toward community development projects.

Community Builders provide large gifts for community development, helping secure at-risk children from dangerous threats such as malnutrition, waterborne illness and human traffickers.

Lead as a Legacy Partner

Create sustainable change through wills, trusts, estates, stocks and assets.

Legacy Partners secure at-risk children for decades to come, creating sustainable, generational change through wills, trusts, estates, stocks and assets

Questions about giving or becoming a Legacy Partner?

Please email the Donor Development team at [email protected] or call 817-898-0262.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Leverage Your Influence to Help Those in Need

What happens when you tell others about a cause you care about?

People listen and respond!

Others are often more motivated to give to a cause when someone close to them shares why it’s important.

You can be that someone who stirs others to action!

Inspire Your Friends and Family to Give

Start a fundraising campaign and use your influence to spread the word and inspire generosity in your friends, colleagues and family.

Whether you’re raising money to feed at-risk children, bring clean water to a community, rescue human trafficking victims or help underdeveloped communities—you are making a difference.

Double Your Donation

Your employer may match your donation!

Companies of all sizes match the charitable contributions of their employees.

Enter your employer’s name to find out instantly if they’ll match your gift.

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