The lack of food and proper nutrition is one of the leading contributors to child mortality.

820 million people will go
to bed hungry tonight.

Every day, 10,000 children die of hunger and related causes. 

Hunger looks different all over the globe. From starving bodies to deceivingly healthy-looking but malnourished children, the lack of food and proper nutrition is one of the leading contributors to child mortality.

Gangi’s Story

Gangi* is one of those 820 million. She’s severely malnourished, and her body shows the signs: open sores, discolored hair and glassy eyes. 

In Gangi’s impoverished community, food is prioritized for the income-earning males of the family, then for the boys who will eventually take over the roles of their fathers, and finally the mothers and daughters. Gangi is at the bottom of the list. And in a village where food is painfully scarce, she is likely to eat only scraps a few times a week.

Sai’s Story

Sai* is also one of those 820 million. He appears as you would expect of any 5-year-old. But Sai is almost 8. 

Most children in Sai’s community are extremely malnourished. They eat, but all they get is a small amount of rice and lentils, and only a few times a week. Sai struggles with mental and physical delays due to malnutrition.

Why We Feed

Because we believe children like Gangi and Sai shouldn’t have to suffer from such an easily fixed problem. The nutritional needs of a child are simple and inexpensive. 

This is why SOS builds bridges connecting solutions to the people who need them the most. 

Securing an at-risk child’s world starts with meeting basic needs. A hungry child cannot learn. Lack of food makes them more vulnerable to trafficking.

By providing children with basic necessities, their world is more secure.

How We Feed

Since hunger looks different in different areas of the world, so do our feeding programs. 

From emergency feeding and custom-made food that helps fight extreme malnutrition to school lunches and summer feeding programs, our desire is that no child feels the pain of hunger.

You Can Make a Difference

No child should go to bed hungry.

Your gift helps save at-risk children by ensuring they get their daily needs met.

*Names changed to protect minors.