The Power of Building Resilient Communities

Resilient Communities

Written by: Dwayne W. Covid disrupted so much on a local and global level. Suddenly, almost overnight, travel was completely restricted. Different Nations, states and cities all adopted travel restrictions […]

How Culture Impacts Your Worldview

worldview and culture

Written By: Christie A. Culture is a diverse and beautiful thing where people, systems, beliefs, traditions, language, food, politics, and education meld together.  Working cross-culturally we see the strengths and […]

Staying Safe

Safety Tips

Human Trafficking is on the rise in the United States. As young people there are things we can do to stay safe and keep our friends safe: Traffickers Look for […]

How Communities Fuel Human Trafficking

Communities Fuel Trafficking

Written By: Christie A. I sat down with Dr. Daley a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of visiting with her and her team at Predict-Align-Prevent about Adverse Childhood […]

Predicting Human Trafficking

Predicting Human Trafficking

Join the SOS Team as we talk to Dr. Dyann Daley about predicting child abuse and human trafficking! Dr. Daley is the founder of Predict-Align-Prevent. A Non-profit focused on preventing […]

Human Rights and Basic Needs

Human Rights and Basic Needs

Written By: Lindsay H. and Hannah W. Having basic needs met is a core tenet of Human Rights. While there are many different facets to basic needs, the most fundamental basic […]

Human Rights and Human Trafficking

Written By: Christie A. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was enacted by the UN and serves as a rallying point for Governments, Civic Organizations, Foundations, Philanthropists, Universities and the general public […]