Sara’s Story

Because she doesn’t have access to a water source in her community, she must make the long trek to an open well shared by several villages.

The lack of access to safe, clean drinking water isn’t only consuming Sara’s today, but it is threatening her future. She is unable to attend school and her little body is constantly fighting off illness. Her body isn’t able to develop and grow at a healthy weight.

Give Back This Holiday Season

Give Back this Holiday Season

Written by: Janie W. The holiday season is upon us! As you look for ways to celebrate, here are a few creative ideas to gather with your loved ones and […]

The Basics of Water

The Basics of Water

Written by: Christie A. Think back to the spring of last year as you went in search of toilet paper, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer or bottled water only to find […]

Water is Peace

Water is Peace

Written by: Christie A. Working through last year’s file of completed water wells, our team was reviewing projects, looking at the communities impacted and getting ready to share with donors […]

Open Position: Warehouse Associate

Open Position Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associate  Job Description  SOS International is committed to developing sustainable solutions to the problems that at-risk children face every day. We are committed to being a voice that calls […]

Celebrating Feeding

Written By: Christie A. As we gathered together to strategize about feeding models in July, the good news came in – we hit a huge milestone, 12,000,000 meals served since […]

How We Rescue

How we rescue

Written By: Hannah W. Today is Saiya*’s first day of college. It has taken her a few years of private study to catch up to her grade level and today, […]

Raising Community Builders

Raising Community Builders

A lot of the subjects we tackle at SOS are heavy and hard to explain to children. As a multi-generational organization, we’ve seen the amazing thing that happens as generations engage together to build community and love others. We value the work of investing in our children to build their hearts and worldview. We want to raise children who love big and want to change the world.  

The Power of Building Resilient Communities

Resilient Communities

Written by: Dwayne W. Covid disrupted so much on a local and global level. Suddenly, almost overnight, travel was completely restricted. Different Nations, states and cities all adopted travel restrictions […]