Because freedom demands it

Human trafficking generates an estimated $150 billion annually – profit especially gained from enslaving more than 40 million women and children worldwide and forcing them to endure horrific circumstances.

See for yourself…

Enough is enough. Freedom demands our attention. Their freedom demands our action. You can help rescue and rehabilitate trafficked women and children when you stand with SOS International.

SOS partners with local care networks on the ground and friends like you to rescue and rehabilitate enslaved women and children from around the world, providing them with:

·       A safe place to sleep and much-needed food

·       Vital medical attention and counseling

·       Vocational training and education to build their future

But the fight doesn’t stop there. Friends like you also help implement sustainable solutions to the root issues that make communities vulnerable to trafficking in the first place, such as food scarcity, lack of access to clean water, and limited community development.

This unique approach means your partnership helps rescue those at risk while also breaking the supply chain that allows this evil industry to thrive.

It all happens because you say “yes” through your gift today.

You see their faces. And you choose to act because you know what freedom demands of you.

Ready to take action?

Give today to help meet a $72,000 need and pave the way for the rescue and rehabilitation of  40 women and children from slavery… because freedom demands it.