Standards of Care

Our Commitment to Protecting At-Risk Children

Across all of our projects, we commit to standards of excellence, stewarding your donations well. Every project we operate adheres to the following standards of care.


Holistic Solutions With Strong Local Care Network Partnerships

We commit the time, energy and effort to ensure that every project we implement is in full partnership with a trustworthy local care network. This ensures that the best possible care is provided to at-risk children and allows us to leverage holistic solutions at a community level. Simply stated, we don’t “go it alone.”


Local Solutions Ensuring Effective, Grassroots Impact

We source local. Where possible, we purchase supplies and materials in-country, as close to the point of distribution as possible. For donors, this means that your donated dollars have the largest impact possible and that your donations are used to boost local economies. 

Our expressed desire is to empower local care networks to effectively work in their communities, making them the local hero.

We believe local people are the best solution for local problems and we work to empower local people with the solutions and resources to help their community.

We believe that “awareness without action leads to inoculation.” It is our commitment to you that we aren’t just an awareness organization. We are committed to providing you with practical ways to make a difference in the world around you.



The problems facing at-risk children are the same today as they were 10 or 25 years ago (hunger, sickness, threats…) however the solutions to these problems are different. We are committed to developing relevant and effective solutions that help at-risk children and provide true change and care. 

Our innovative approach includes solutions such as water filtration projects that are effective in urban slum communities, a custom proprietary food product that helps children ages 3–6 combat malnutrition and transformative rehabilitation for trafficking victims.


Accountability and Transparency

We commit to transparency and honesty in all our projects.

We commit to honest financial dealings; we don’t pay bribes.

We commit to transparency to our donors, this includes timely and accurate information about the impact of your donations as well as accountability in project implementation.

We hold the highest standards of financial accountability. We undergo a voluntary, annual independent audit and hold ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) accreditations, as well as “Gold” Guide Star accreditations and four stars on Charity Navigator. We want you to be assured that the donations you entrust to us are used responsibly to have the largest community impact; helping at-risk children around the world.


Protection for
At-Risk Children

We protect the identity, dignity and stories of at-risk children. This means we change the minor’s name in publications and we don’t promote one-to-one child sponsorship.

Our projects ensure fair and free access for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, orientation, ethnicity or social class.

We commit to helping at-risk children and all the projects we undertake can be brought back to this core value: Everything we do, we do to help secure children.

We commit to the integrity of the stories we share with you. We don’t alter the facts or faces of a photo, the images we show you are real and authentic.