Celebrating World Water Day 2023

World Water Day 2023 with SOS International

By: SOS International

Today is World Water Day 2023! For an at-risk child, clean water means health, education, family, hope, future, and wholeness! Safe drinking water isn’t a commodity but a necessary building block for securing a child’s future. 

Children like Rachel – she should be in school right now, but instead, she spends her days trekking for water. Her only water source is an open well, far from her village. The water is dirty, Rachel is often sick, and children in her community are dying from waterborne illnesses. The trek is dangerous, and girls often go missing along the route.

This World Water Day, you can help protect Rachel by providing her with close access to safe, clean drinking water. Close access to water eliminates the need for long, risky trips that leave girls vulnerable to traffickers. Clean water also means better hydration and a strengthened immune system, which leads to more days in school and maximizes her education!

For $8 a month, you can give Rachel safety, health, and hope through the gift of clean water. Your recurring gift will be the difference between life and death for an at-risk child.

Will you join us?

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