Covid-19 Disaster Response

Written By: The SOS Team

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, excess demand on the supply chain has made it increasingly difficult to get food donations.  Our usual National Partnerships are facing huge demand and that leaves little leftover to donate.  To bridge the gap, local businesses are stepping in and donating fresh products, free meals and fresh baked items to help fill weekend food boxes.

Our approach to feeding during this crisis is two-fold:

1. We are offering meal service in partnership with the FDA to families on the free and reduced lunches program in Denton and Tarrant County. Due to the large number of organizations awaiting approval, we are still in queue for final approval, but once approved (which will happen any day) we can begin feeding within 24 hours.

2. We are offering weekend food boxes.  We are packing boxes full of food to distribute to families to help eliminate the gap in service for families on the free and reduced lunches plan.  These boxes are filled with food items and vouchers to help a family get through the weekend until meal service is available.  

September 1, 2020: Since the start of the pandemic we’ve fed over 2.5 million meals to families affected by the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis. 

 May 15th Update:

We continue to make huge progress and see tremendous impact. Over the last few weeks we’ve moved shipment after shipment of food, distributing it with partners across the metroplex. To date we’ve served over 800,000 meals and we are well on our way to our goal of 1,000,000. Thank you for joining us in bringing tangible hope through food to so many in North Texas.

April 20th Update:

We announced our 1,000,000 meals in 6 weeks goal last week and we are so excited to report that at the start of this week we’ve already fed 266,000 meals! You guys are showing up in tremendous ways and we are so honored to partner with you guys to provide food for families in need in this season.  We are hearing from all of our local care networks that the need for food is rapidly rising.  Every location across the metroplex is seeing a huge surge in demand and we are working to keep up. Thanks for loving your community so well! 

This week we anticipate another big shipment of beans and rice, a bunch of fresh meat, eggs and produce!  We are also in the process of getting a refer truck to help with distribution! 

Older Update:

April 6th Update: Sorted hygiene donations to be distributed early next week. We also received permission for two feeding sites to begin operating in partnership with USDA, and were able to procure a huge load of lentils, rice and veggies to arrive early next week. 

 March 25, 2020 update: We distributed a bunch of weekend food packs last night in Denton to families in need, and this morning we received 14 pallets of donations to be sorted and distributed as part of food and hygiene packs.  Last weekend a local business stepped up and donated 3,000 fresh tortillas, and the Keller CFA gave us 600 free chicken sandwich vouchers to provide as meals for families.  We are so thankful for our local community and the way they are stepping up and helping so many.  Find out more about how you can help.

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