Emergency Aid to North Texas

Clean Water Emergency Aid

Written By: Christie A.

This month we are focusing on basic needs, food and water, and how they impact communities.  I sat down to write about the importance of water, and then the winter storm of 2021 hit Texas.  This week, we have a brand-new appreciation for the importance of water, and how fleeting of a commodity it is. Our thoughts and hearts are with the families affected by last week’s winter storm, and our emergency aid efforts are underway. Since last Tuesday we’ve been distributing water through our local care networks. It started with a call from a local hospital, who didn’t have enough clean drinking water for patients and staff. Since then we’ve been able to respond to so many emergency requests in North Texas. Thank you for providing water to families affected by the winter storm.

Water is a vital component of every community around the world. The presence and proximity of water bring great stability and growth to communities.  As we saw last week, when the availability and quality are compromised, communities must pivot their time and attention to the quest for water.  While thankfully here in Texas boil bans are being rescinded and the supply has picked up, it serves as an amazing reminder of a challenge the world over.  Whether you shared water with neighbors, or give water to communities around the world, your care makes an impact. 

Did you know that for $7 you can give someone the gift of clean water for over a year?

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