Written by: Hannah W.

I want to introduce you to Sara.* She was born in a brothel to a trafficking victim. 95% of girls born in a red-light district will die in a red-light district. But Sara’s story is different. Sara’s story is one of hope found in an unlikely place.

When Sara was young, an outreach team member began developing a relationship with her mother. Knowing that the red-light district is a dangerous place, we began to encourage Sara’s mom to let her daughter stay at our overnight shelter. Most young girls in brothels hide under their mother’s beds or in cabinets while they work. Not only is this traumatizing, but it’s also extremely dangerous. A young girl fetches a high price in a red-light district.

Hope in unlikely places

Finally, Sara’s mom agreed to let her daughter stay at the shelter. Sara’s mom saw the love and care her daughter was receiving, so she made the brave choice to join her at our home of hope outside the city. Now Sara and her mother are on the road to rehabilitation with a future full of promise and healing!

I’m not sure where you find yourself today, but I want to encourage you that hope can be found in unlikely places. Just like hope was making a place and a plan for Sara and her mother, hope is making plans for you.

*name changed for protection

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