Introducing: Merch For The Whole Family!

Introducing Merch For The Whole Family!

Written By: Christina P.

SOS kid’s merch is here and we are so excited to share it with you! We know how passionate you are about raising community builders, so we created a line with you and your young community builder in mind. Each item was designed with the hope that it will spark conversations and carry the message of hope for at-risk children.  

Below is the “why” behind the “what” for each design to keep in mind as you are picking out your new SOS tee! 

Clean Water Means

“Clean Water Means” Tee

Clean water means…health, education, family, hope, future, and wholeness! Safe drinking water isn’t a commodity but a necessary building block for securing the future of an at-risk child. Communities that do not have access to clean water struggle with illness and are underdeveloped. SOS works with Local Care Networks to provide communities with free and fair access to clean water for all. Shop our “Clean Water Means” Tee and be a part of sharing the power of clean water for everyone.

“Every Kid Deserves a Snack” Tee

Food is a vital tool used in securing at-risk children. Every day, 10,000 children die of hunger and related causes. Lives are changed every time you help SOS provide a meal for an at-risk child. Our “Every Kid Deserves a Snack” tee is designed to share the importance of food in a child’s life. Available from newborn to size 8 youth, and adults small to 3X.

Peacemaker Tee 1
Peacemaker Tee

“Peacemaker” Tee

Peacemaker: a person who brings about peace Peacemakers, we are cheering you on as you continuously do the hard work and step into areas to bring security, hope and peace where children are a-risk. Because of you, at-risk children around the world have access to food, clean water, and an opportunity for a better future. This tee was created just for you as a reminder to keep moving forward in playing a vital part in your community. Our “Peacemaker” Tee is available in two designs from sizes 2-8 youth, and Small - 3X in adults.

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