A few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, we set that huge goal of 1,000,000 meals, and everyone jumped on board to help make it happen. That 1 million meal goal has turned into 6 million meals fed! You guys have fed A LOT of at-risk children this year and we are so honored to do this with you!

There are a countless number of people leveraging their marketable skills to impact the lives of others this year. We wanted to share with you some creative ways they did this. Over and over again this year, we are reminded of the truth that there is no depth of darkness that light cannot conquer. We hope these stories remind you that darkness cannot overcome light. Light always wins.

Light Darkness Quote

We have a new friend who heard about the goal, and he was active in a Facebook group all about plants. He decided to take what he had (a bunch of plants) and do something in the virtual space he’s in, to bring about tangible good for people in need. He organized an online auction fundraiser where he and some of his friends donated exotic house plants to be auctioned off in exchange for donations to feed hungry families. Together, over one weekend, with a bunch of plants and an online community, they donated 80 weekly food boxes to help families in need!

In another stunning example of this concept, A few weeks ago, we got a note from a sweet girl who was going off to college. She and her older brother have been long-time SOS supporters. In her note, she says, “I just want to thank you for our partnership over the past few years. Through various fundraisers, including hosting a kickball tournament and selling t-shirts and stickers, we have raised money, which we would like to donate towards the rescue project. We are so excited to provide rescue and support for a girl. We just want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to help those in at risk areas! We are beyond grateful for your organization.”  She and her brother both leveraged their friendships and fun to impact the lives of others, and it’s incredible.

Our last story today comes from a donor who insisted on seeing a need and meeting it. While talking with a donor at the start of the year, he began asking questions about what our areas of need were. What were the opportunities we couldn’t jump on because of current limitations? Out of it, he heard about our need for a refrigerator truck to deliver fresh produce and milk. In a bold step of faith, he said “yes!” and made the refrigerator truck happen. He has also jumped in weekly to volunteer his time and influence to make sure that food is getting to hungry families. He jumped in, generated a fantastic solution, and it’s meant hundreds of thousands of fresh produce meals go directly to families in need!

As we reflect on 2020 this Christmas, we are so thankful that you continue to say yes and help those at-risk around you! Thank you for showing up for at-risk children this year. Thank you for looking for ways you could help your neighbors, both down the street and around the world. 

Merry Christmas
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