Written by: Christie A.

Think back to the spring of last year as you went in search of toilet paper, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer or bottled water only to find shelves empty. The disruption to the supply chain that we’ve seen in the last year and a half, while not being truly catastrophic for most of us, has acquainted us all with the feeling of not having what we need readily available.  

It creates vulnerability, anxiousness, and uncertainty in our world. It’s something that we wouldn’t normally have given much of a thought to, and now we all keep a little extra on hand in the hopes of not experiencing that vulnerable moment of being out of something you need. 

The truth is much of the world experiences this feeling daily, and the stakes are high. 

We all know food and water are basic necessities, but what happens when there is not an easy way to meet those needs? 

There are millions of individuals that lack access to safe drinking water, and when water is scarce, the stakes get high. There are three huge villains we encounter when there isn’t enough water: 

  1. Death from water-borne disease and dehydration. 
  2. Traffickers preying on vulnerable communities, seeking to take advantage of little girls while they trek for water. 
  3. Fighting over what little water is available. 

But the power of these villains is dismantled when close access to clean water is provided. It is a beautiful, indescribable moment where hope literally invades a community. Take a minute to see the impact for yourself.

See how clean water impacts a community.

You can see, everything changes. And when you provide water, you are making a daily, life-saving difference in an at-risk child’s world.

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