Serving Local Communities With The Warehouse

Serving local with the warehouse

One area of outreach that SOS is leading out in is the distribution of goods. Over the last 10 years, you helped us distribute almost 21 million dollars’ worth of basic-need products into vulnerable communities in the United States and our neighboring countries. These products include non-perishable foods, OTC medication, medical supplies, and cleaning products, infant care products, hygiene items and so much more. Through partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits, you provide food for hungry families, school supplies for at-risk children and you even helped provide beds for hundreds of families in need. You’ve given away lifesaving medicine and provided diapers to single mothers. The impact of this program is extensive and it’s growing in reach! 

So far this year we have distributed $2.26 million dollars’ worth of goods through the warehouse. These goods include over 30,000 gallons of milk, 610,000 fresh produce meals, 32,778 summer feeding meals to at-risk children in the DFW area as well as food boxes and hygiene packs for their families. We have also distributed safety equipment, such as masks and hand sanitizers, for first responders during the beginning stages of COVID. And so much more!  This year alone, the impact of the warehouse has proven to be a vital resource to the DFW area. 

All of these goods are distributed through partnerships with 74 Local Care Networks.

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