Our 5 Core Priorities

Discover our strategic pathway to securing at-risk children.

We categorize the risks faced by at-risk children into the following key areas, listed in the order of urgency.


Unmet Basic Needs

Securing an at-risk child’s world starts with meeting basic needs. A hungry or thirsty child cannot learn. Lack of food and water makes them more vulnerable to trafficking.

By providing children with basic necessities, their world is more secure.


Dangerous External Threats

Vulnerable children are exposed to countless dangerous external threats that undermine their future. 

SOS empowers Local Care Networks to provide safety and security for at-risk children who face external threats outside their control, such as trafficking, natural disasters and loss of parents and a stable home.



Today there are approximately 258 million children who aren’t able to attend school. 

Children who don’t have a solid foundation in reading and writing have less of a chance of future success.

Through education, children gain the tools they need to fight poverty and prevent disease.



Healthy relationships and a vibrant community work together to help children reach their full potential.

Where relationships are weak, Local Care Networks are empowered to step in and meet needs that strengthen relationships around at-risk children. This strategy transitions children out of isolation, nurtures their well-being and leads them into a brighter future.


Underdeveloped Communities

Without the critical resources necessary for a child to grow and develop into a thriving adult, communities end up trapped in poverty.

Investing strategically in underdeveloped communities equips them to provide their children with hope and the tools for a better future.