Written By Lindsay H.

This is all because of YOU!  You are amazing. From all of the incredible volunteers out there serving, filling food boxes and sorting food, to incredible partners like Pepsi Co, Frito Lay and Sysco that all step up and say “yes, we can help!”; and the amazing Local Care Network partners who are helping to distribute food day in and day out. Thank you! This is a huge group effort and we are so excited to be in this with you!

Behind the scenes staff and volunteers have sorted pallets upon pallets of food, taking food requests from our Local Care Network partners and ensuring that people across the city get access to the food they need. With that said, this well-oiled machine takes a lot of people to make sure it’s running. We are beyond blessed to have so many step in to help. This could not have happened without you. Thank You. 

The reality is that this pandemic isn’t over, and there are still so many people that need food. We were reminded of this recently, when we read an article written by NPR on Food Insecurity in the United States.

Food Insecure Definition

NPR reported that during the pandemic, 1 in 4 households have experienced food insecurity this year.

“An analysis by the Brookings Institution conducted earlier this summer found that in late June, 27.5% of households with children were food insecure — meaning some 13.9 million children lived in a household characterized by child food insecurity. A separate analysis by researchers at Northwestern found insecurity has more than tripled among households with children to 29.5%.” (Silva, 2020)

These numbers beg for us to ask the question, “What more can we do?” We will keep pushing forward, setting new goals, serving more meals to help secure more children in our communities. While we celebrate this huge milestone today, the feeding fun has just begun. Think of how many more meals we can still serve this year!  

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