Written by: Elisha T.

Here at SOS, we are passionate about partnering with local care networks in their efforts to help at-risk children in their communities. It’s incredible how we can work together to ensure the safety and well-being of these children, not just in Asia and Latin America but also in our own backyard in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Right now, we are partnering with local care networks in our yearly Summer feeding program to provide meals for at-risk children and their families. We are just a few weeks in, and we are already getting to hear some awesome stories.

Many children rely on free or reduced lunch programs provided by schools during the academic year. However, during summer, it can be challenging for them to access healthy meals. Our partners have seen this gap in their communities, and have stepped up to make an impact. These feeding sites are providing daily meals to hundreds of children during weekdays, ensuring they have enough to eat while building up their community.

One local care network has recently taken on the challenge of helping to meet the needs of the kids in this community by starting a mobile food bank. During the last school year, they partnered with their local school district to provide food for an at-risk kids’ program and continued to serve their community during the summer by operating a mobile food bank. So far this summer, they have provided much-needed food to over 10,000 family members. The food they give out includes canned goods, fruit, rice, pasta, potatoes, and other produce. The food they provide not only fills hungry stomachs but is also building up their community.

Another partner shared with us how summer feeding has impacted their families’ food budgets. With changes to SNAP benefits and rising food prices that affect everyone, they are getting less food for their money. The food that you helped provide has helped keep their grocery bills down and provided the sustenance their families need.

Our Summer feeding program is supplemented by foods from our warehouse. Our warehouse is staffed with dedicated individuals who help to distribute food to our partners throughout the metroplex. We work with local care networks because we want to partner with people who are already caring for their communities; they know the needs of their community best! We are currently partnering with 115 organizations, which is made possible through your generosity. Thanks to your support, communities are being impacted throughout DFW.

If you are a DFW local and want to get involved, please visit our volunteer site to check out opportunities around the metroplex! If you want to learn more about how you can support SOS and our partners, visit the link here.

Thank you for joining us in securing at-risk children through Summer feeding!

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