Sara begins her trek for water early every morning. Because she doesn’t have access to a water source in her community, she must make the long trek to an open well shared by several villages. She makes this trek alone. Being a part of a community that is preyed upon by traffickers, Sara is one of the lucky ones. She hasn’t been taken yet

Every day as she walks for water, her risk of being trafficked increases.

Sara’s whole life revolves around her family’s need for water. The water emergency in her community is so great, it is only a matter of time before they lose an entire generation of children.

The lack of access to safe, clean drinking water isn’t only consuming Sara’s today, but it is threatening her future. She is unable to attend school and her little body is constantly fighting off illness. Her body isn’t able to develop and grow at a healthy weight.

Until water is secure in Sara’s life, nothing is secure.

The gift of clean water is life changing for an at-risk child!

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