By: Christie A. 

When you feed hungry children with us, you aren’t just filling bellies, you are transforming lives. Food creates a ripple effect, impacting every part of a child’s life. 

Food supports health and development. This may feel like the most obvious impact, but it is one so worth celebrating! Giving food isn’t just about preventing starvation, it sets a healthy trajectory for a child’s life. Children’s physical and mental health can flourish when they have the food they need.

Food supports education. Have you ever tried to do a task on an empty stomach? It’s challenging to learn without nutrition. When children have the right foods available to them, they can focus and succeed in school. Food benefits their future!

Food is protection. The lack of food exposes children to traffickers. We have seen the lack of food has a direct impact on the safety of a child. Traffickers look for vulnerabilities to exploit, and not having food is a wide open door to abuse. Providing children and families with food keeps them safe!

All of this transformation kicks off the minute decide to partner with us in feeding at-risk children. How cool is that? Together, we get to make sure kids have enough to eat, protect their innocents, and build towards their future! 

When you feed a child, you change the trajectory of their entire life!

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