The Power Of Volunteering

The Power Of Volunteering

By: Javier P.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

Local communities are at the core of what we do at SOS. We believe that local people are the best at solving local problems. In all of the communities that we have worked in, transformation happens through people who care about their community and want to do something to bring change. Volunteering has tremendous power to transform communities and people!

Volunteering Transforms Communities

Volunteering is an integral part of building communities. The simple act of showing up makes a significant impact! At-risk children in your community feel seen, cared for, and important when you volunteer! A word of encouragement, a food box, mentorship, or something that shows a child or a parent that they matter creates a domino effect that leads to transformation in their lives and in the whole community.

Regularly volunteering creates a profound impact because you have the chance to build relationships with people in the community and with others who serve. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight or in isolation. Showing up regularly to help your community is what makes community transformation possible!

Volunteering Transforms You

Volunteering can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience because it can take you completely out of your comfort zone. But getting outside of your comfort zone can shift your perspective and transform you!

Volunteering impacts and transform you as much as it does your community! Time spent volunteering can change your perspective with the stories that you hear and the situations that you see. This is what can create discomfort, but learning how to care for and serve people in different situations can create a deep impact in you.

Volunteering as a family can have a massive impact on shaping your family. Volunteering together can create unity within the family and serve as an excellent learning opportunity for children. Volunteering with your kids can spark conversations, shaping their worldview and showing them first-hand the importance of serving others. It gives them the opportunity to get used to being outside of their comfort zone. This is what it looks like to raise community builders 

– It’s an investment into the next generation, teaching them to become the type of selfless and caring people that help build their city and community.

Our Encouragement To You

Although serving can be messy and challenging, keep at it! Serving regularly is what brings transformation. Plenty of schools, churches, and nonprofits need volunteers to help serve the community. Not sure where to start? You can find reputable places to volunteer with a simple google search.

We understand that volunteering can be challenging, but we encourage you to make the time, push past any resistance you may feel, and turn it into a habit! Communities will be transformed because of the time you freely give to serving them!

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