The Power Of Gratitude In Your Community

Gratitude in Community

Written By: Javier P.

The word “gratitude” is one you will surely hear frequently during the holiday season. Gratitude is a powerful thing, and it plays an important role in transforming us and our communities! You have probably heard of the practice of gratitude in the context of its great physical and mental health benefits. But what impact can the practice of gratitude have on a community? Here are just a few of the ways that practicing gratitude can shape and transform your community.

Gratitude Celebrates Accomplishments and Fosters Humility

When a community practices gratitude, accomplishments of any size are recognized – nothing is too small to celebrate! Celebrating accomplishments, especially those achieved as a community, create a sense of humility. This happens when we recognize that whatever is being accomplished is not done alone. We are a part of something bigger – A group working together to make a difference. When a community of grateful people humbly recognize and celebrate accomplishments, they are inspired to do more and greater things.  

Gratitude Takes Us From Intention To Action

Gratitude moves us to action. When we recognize all that we have to be grateful for, It motivates us to show kindness to someone else. It encourages us to go the extra mile or go out of our way to give to others. Gratitude can fine-tune our awareness of the needs of others.

Say, for instance, you are grateful for having food on the table. Because of your gratitude, you are more aware of others who may struggle with food insecurity. This awareness, partnered with a grateful attitude, motivates us to give. This could look like giving to a local pantry, serving at a food bank, or inviting someone over for a meal. An entire community that practices gratitude is a community that is actively helping meet the needs of those around them!

Gratitude Sets A New Pace

Practicing gratitude requires us to be intentional – we have to choose to slow down and recognize the things that make us grateful! This slowing of pace helps us take in moments that we may have otherwise missed. We see people and their needs better when we aren’t in a rush. Slowing down is a great result of practicing gratitude, especially during the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, parties, and events. When your day speeds up, take a moment to slow down, be grateful, and notice how different the world around you becomes!

The best thing about gratitude is its impact is year-round, not just during the holidays! What areas of your life can you put gratitude into practice? Practicing gratitude will transform not only you but also the community around you! 

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