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2023 was a great year of ministry! We get to work with the most incredible Local Care Networks to help at-risk children through transformative projects. Every year, we like to step back and take a big-picture look at lives impacted, children secured, and communities developed. Here are a few highlights from 2023 that we are celebrating:

  • 4,567,419 meals fed!  Our feeding programs are feeling the effects of inflation. There are more people in need of assistance and food costs are higher than they’ve been in decades. Yet, in the middle of so much need you guys keep showing up and keep giving food! Thank you! Here’s a peek into just one of the feeding programs made possible in 2023. 
  • In 2023, you helped provide 109,500 nights of safe sleep to at-risk children in some of the most dangerous locations. We were also able to reach out and build relationships with more than 80,000 victims through red light outreaches. For those of you in the fight against trafficking with us, we are so thankful for your help in making this possible! Safe sleep is one of the most daily significant things we can provide to young survivors. It is tangible hope for each day. The road of rescue and rehabilitation isn’t an easy one, but we are seeing so many good things! Curious about our approach to rescue? Check it out here.
  • 125 survivors were reintegrated globally. We are cheering these girls on, praying for them as they take steps of independence towards a better future. Each of these girls has a beautiful dream they are embarking on, and we are so thankful for their healing and wholeness.
  • Clean, safe drinking water was provided to 23,500 beneficiaries through water projects. That’s 23,500 people’s lives that are made drastically better through close access to safe drinking water! We will always celebrate community transformation through the gift of water!
  • Through the warehouse, over $6,000,000 worth of goods were mobilized and used in outreaches. You can check out more of that impact here
  • 457 Communities were impacted through Community Development Projects and Outreaches.

In addition to all those impact numbers, in 2023, we celebrated the 1-year grand opening of Casa Esperanza and had our first group of girls graduate from the program and be reintegrated. It is so fun to see life transformation taking place.  This project moved from vision to reality, and daily, we get to see young lives receiving hope, and it is incredible. As the project grows and matures, we are beginning to work on expansion plans to open more beds in the coming years. 

Overall, 2023 held many significant moments and milestones, especially in the fight against human trafficking.  We hosted 4 writer’s retreats in 2023, working with incredible artists who are giving their time and efforts to help us write music to benefit our rescue projects. (We did a live recording in early 2024 and you will hear more and more about this project later this year.) These songs are being produced to bring freedom and benefit our rescue projects as we build tools for long-term sustainability. We also got to partner with Jordan Ross, from The Chosen, to host a Freedom Luncheon, he shared his story and his heart to help provide hope to others, raising funds to rescue and rehabilitate more girls. We are thankful for so many incredible individuals joining us in the fight against trafficking. 

We’ve been entrusted with an incredible model of rescue and rehabilitation and to watch that model work in multiple countries leaves us in wonder at the power of true restoration. 2023 was full of lots of small moments that add up to large, pivotal life changes. 

There is a freedom cry that is rising out of unlikely places, in so many hearts, and propels us forward with the mission until all are free!  

2023 was an incredible year, and we are so thankful you are on this journey with us!

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